Review: Middle Son: A Novel, by Deborah Iida

I both adored this book and was completely frustrated by this book. I made my sister read it just so we could dish about all of the things we found problematic. There was a lot of dishing to do, though we agreed that we were very happy to have read it. The fact that it was a quick read really helped.

I haven’t read nearly enough books set in an intimately authentic Hawaii, especially where the characters speak pidgin. Lately, have been on a kind of a mission to add more Hawaii dialect to my literary diet, which is how this book made its way into my hands. I am desperately seeking a book that speaks to my native sensibilities; one written by a local author for a local audience. I was hoping that this book could be one of them. It both was, and wasn’t. I am both okay, and totally not okay with that.


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