Damn You, Ian, For Being Such a Good Father

Anyway, I took more pictures, thinking that I’d do like this whole series of compromised Elsa photos, and it got even better because Iliana shoved Elsa into Ian’s hands and forced him to play with her.

“You be Elsa,” she told him. “I’m the ponies.”

Oh god everything was amazing, and Ian was doing the voice and everything, making Elsa say these kind of rude things that went over Iliana’s head (please please let that be true) and I was going to die. I was going to die, but not before telling you because it seemed really important and I knew you’d really really care.

– See more at: http://www.runningnekkid.com/content/damn_you_ian_being_such_good_father#sthash.GDMAuHKl.dpuf


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