Things We Do For Love (and To Keep From Eating A Whole Pie By Ourselves)

On Tuesday night I did an experiment with some spiced milk that I started making to put into my afternoon iced coffee. (I gave up soda for the month so I needed some kind of delicious beverage to get me through these long afternoons.) I gave him a cup of baked spice milk custard, and whaddaya know! My bizarre, custard hating husband ate the whole thing.

“I even made it with lactose free milk,” I told him, because I’m super excellent like that. Ian’s not, like, explosively lactose intolerant, but he does need to be super duper careful. He is super not careful when it comes to ice cream, however, and I mention this because OMG sometimes the noises that man’s stomach makes. I am even more super excellent because I let him sleep in bed with me? on the nights when he’s had an entire pint of pistachio Ben & Jerry’s.

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