Week In Surfing: January 10, 2015

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to play Wii golf with a preschooler, but here’s some advice: DON’T. After ten minutes of watching her swing her way from one sand trap to another, even her demands to watch Caillou seemed reasonable. Or, at least, less terrible.

It was decidedly not.

Anyway, so now I’m reading some shit on the internet to cleanse my soul from the sheer annoyances of Wii golf and Caillou and I don’t know that the internet in its entirety has enough baby elephant .gifs to make good. I am not a clever woman.

I am, however, a grateful woman, happy to have at my fingertips the kinds of reading that IS NOT CAILLOU. And, really, for as irritable and funky as this day has been, the links I’m about to share are wonderful and heartwarming and emotional and everything.

Never leave me, internet. Never, ever leave me.

– See more at: http://www.runningnekkid.com/content/week_surfing_january_10_2015#sthash.AB6UMNxc.dpuf


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