On Juggling, Transitions, and Not Liking Either

It’s very likely that I’d think differently about juggling once I got the hang of it. With enough practice, I could someday be good enough to just juggle without having to OMG THINK about it. But for right now, juggling takes the kind of thinking that makes my head hurt and my stomach knot up, even though I know I started doing this because it seemed like a neat idea.

That right there is everything parenthood. You know, the head-hurting anxiety that comes from never quite being proficient enough before it’s time to throw in the next ball. The always, always, on the verge of dropping something. Or maybe everything.

So it’s fitting, I guess, that just when things seem pretty manageable and almost idyllic around here that we go ahead and purposefully throw a wrench into everything. A very good, very well meaning wrench, but still.

– See more at: http://www.runningnekkid.com/content/juggling_transitions_and_not_liking_either#sthash.NrZbQVzy.dpuf


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