On Candy Hearts and Birthday Parties

Four year-old parties are the fricking best, and I am pretty surprised at myself for not having this one in the bag already. I mean, I know blah blah blah busy life and everything, but I live for young kid birthday parties, starting at age four. First birthdays are for parents, of course, a celebration of holy shit can you believe we kept this thing alive for one whole year!? But they’re not really aware that this is a birthday party, no matter how much cake frosting they shove up their noses. And two year-olds are pretty much the devil. They’re still devils at three but bigger than they were when they were two, so that much more difficult to carry off so they can have their sugar crash meltdown somewhere they won’t rupture a dozen or so eardrums. – See more at: http://www.runningnekkid.com/content/candy_hearts_and_birthday_parties#sthash.Gyx4Nkvq.dpuf

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